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Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy: FAQ

  1. When will registration begin?

    Open Enrollment will begin, July 01, 2021-July 23rd, 2021.

  2. Where is the school located?

    The Virtual Learning Academy is located on the Indianola campus, 11524 E Dinuba Ave. Selma, CA 93662

  3. What grade levels are offered?

    The grade levels offered are 1st-6th grade.

  4. What courses are offered?

    We have a full complement of courses that meet all requirements to successfully meet promotion standards for our Elementary Program (grades 1st-6th). Courses in English, math, science, social studies, are available. We also offer enrichment classes such as music and the Arts.

  5. What type of curriculum is Selma Unified Tk-8 Virtual Learning Academy using?

    Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy will use the standards-based curriculum called Accelerate Education (AE) in grades 1-5 and Edgenuity in grades 6th. This curriculum offers a Flexible Online instructional model with direct instruction, daily instruction by highly qualified teachers via Google classroom as well as various supplemental online platforms and materials to support student learning. This model is different from the model used during the Covid-19, distance Learning past school year.

  6. Does Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy offer a daily face-to-face, on-site learning environment?

    No, Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy is a virtual, non-classroom based Academy school. There will be weekly opportunities for students to attend a face-to-face meeting with their teacher on the campus but daily instruction is conducted virtually online.

  7. What does Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy look like?

    Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy is a non-classroom based independent study Academy school under Alternative Education. Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy is 1st-6th, future plans to expand to 7th -12th grade. Students will have a daily schedule and must be able to work on their own and be able to meet via Google classroom, zoom or in person as required by the teacher. Students will be assigned courses based on their individual intake with their counselor. At that time, the student and parent will go over with the counselor the academic record of the student and go over the expectations for the school. The counselor will assign the student with a teacher and courses. Students will have multiple opportunities to participate in Art, music, field trips, as well as other activities.

  8. Is there a maximum number of students that can be enrolled at Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy?

    The number of students at Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy will be based on enrollment requests per grade level, facilities and staffing. There will be capacity limitations based on these criteria. Priority for new enrollments will be given to families that have requested enrollment during the survey period that is due by Monday, June 28, 2021.

  9. Are Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy students required to be online at a certain time each day or is the program completely flexible?

    Elementary students will be required to be online on a daily basis, at a specific time, that will be assigned by their teacher. Students will receive direct instruction from a credentialed teacher during scheduled times, which will be determined by your child’s teacher.

  10. Are Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy classes a single grade level, or a group of grade levels combined?

    Students receive instruction by grade level, though a single Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy teacher who may instruct multiple grade levels.

  11. Do students attend full-time or part-time?

    Yes, Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy is a full-time program with students assigned a full complement of courses. We are unable, at this time, to offer part-time enrollment for those needing or wanting only one or two courses.

  12. If we enroll at SEVLA for the 2021-22 school year, can we continue to play sports at your “homeschool” site?

    No. Site-based co-curricular programs like athletics and visual and performing arts offerings are only available to the site’s enrolled student body. If choosing online instruction, students are able to participate in co-curricular opportunities that may be offered through the SEVLA.

  13. If we enroll at SEVLA for the 2021-22 school year, can we come back to our comprehensive site if things don’t work out?

    SEVLA is affiliated with Selma Unified Alternative Education. If you decide that you want to return to the district and a comprehensive site, you can contact your elementary school child for enrollment at your “homeschool”, where you live. Because you have left your seat at your current “homeschool” site by enrolling at SEVLA, your student will be subject to space availability. If space is available at your local school, your child would be enrolled. If the school or grade level is at its enrollment capacity, then your student may be overflowed to a different school until space becomes available.

  14. If I am on a transfer (inter-district, intra-district or open enrollment) and I enroll in SEVLA, what will that do to my transfer?

    Prior transfers, used to enroll at your current school, are no longer in effect when you enroll at SEVLA. If you opt to try to return to a Selma Unified School at a later date, you will need a new transfer to do so. Keep in mind that transfer students must be in good standing (grades, attendance and behavioral choices), have a valid reason for the transfer, and there must be space at the requested school for transfers to receive approval.

    To enroll your child into the Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy for this upcoming 21-22 school year, please print out this form and return it to the District Office located at 3036 Thompson Ave. Selma, Ca. 93662

  15. Why would a student want to attend?

    To be a part of the first on-line school that provides common core instruction with rigorous curriculum featuring an online-based, independent study format. We have a highly qualified full-time staff to help you succeed in Grades 1st-6th. The Virtual learning Academy has free open enrollment and no tuition costs featuring a program with interactive curriculum that will make your learning experience fun.

  16. What are the advantages of attending SEVLA?

    Taught by highly qualified teachers with curriculum build for online learning. From learning Common Core concepts, students will be challenged by interactive learning that will activate creativity for a higher level of learning. Selma Unified TK-8 Virtual Learning Academy offers the best of online learning where students can access their courses anytime of the day or night* and from any location with internet access. This is a free, full-time, school with the ability to have school come to you.

    The Elementary Program may require logging in at scheduled times to receive direct instruction from a Certificated Online Teacher. The school provides a personalized, flexible, innovative, instructor-facilitated and supervised learning program, where students can study at their own pace, on their own schedule, with instruction, supervision, and support from a team of highly qualified California certified instructors.