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Family Literacy Night

Roosevelt Families went WILD at Roosevelt’s 3rd Annual Family Literacy Night. So wild that 265 of our family ate pizza, learned how to download FREE eBooks on their devices, visited SEVERAL, FUN AND INTERACTIVE workshops with their children, watched an adorable skit from our Drama Club, drank hot chocolate and ate cookies, and went home with gifts of books, t-shirts, and Kindles!

We are grateful to our Roosevelt Community for coming out to learn about literacy with us. We are grateful for so many teachers who presented, fed, cleaned, decorated and translated. We are grateful to our Parent Club for the gift of pizza and t-shirts and to our local sponsor Walmart for fruits and veggies. And those chocolate chip cookies! Thank you, Mrs. DeFord. We are also grateful for our Leadership students who volunteered their hands and feet in service. Finally, we are grateful for the gift of Literacy and a school that has so many resources to support our homes and school as we all learn and grow.

 welcome sign with where the wild things theme

Artwork and decorations by Kristin Peterson

Teachers ready for Literacy Night Student Drama Performance

Mrs. Mynderup leading a session Mrs. Robles leading a session

5th Grader Grace Bosse and Grace the Reading Dog! Mrs. Garcia serving pizza

Parents engaged