• Dear Parents and Students


    On behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome to the Heartland Alternative Education Center!  We are proud to welcome you and your family as a member of our Professional Learning Community.  You will discover that we offer a number of educational programs for students to earn their high school diplomas, along with a staff who works hard to provide growth and encouragment to their students.  Students are guided to a pathway that will ensure them the best opportunity to earn their high school diplomas.

    Heartland Continuation High School promotes the philosophy that all students can achieve academic success if learning is adapted to their abilities and needs.  The educational model implemented at Heartland Continuation High School is a combination of standards-based, direct teaching and individualized instruction, as based on the assessed needs and abilities of student.  Success in academics and teacher-modeling improves self-eesteem, attitude, and behavior.  Our student-oriented approach, coupled with a highly-qualified staff and a small school environment, allows for instructional services to address the diverse range of student needs and abilities.  

    Parent and student input are always welcomed.  We regard the home as a major partnership with that of the teacher and administration to educate each and every student.  We encourage you to stay informed, as questions, and get involved.


    Drew Sylvia