Selma Independent Study School is located on the campus of the Heartland Alternative Education Center. Selma Independent Study School promotes personal responsibility and provides the support students require to become educated, productive, and responsible citizens. The school can service students from TK-12th grades.

    Independent Study is a method of study that is different from a traditional school setting. At Selma Independent, students will meet with their teachers on a weekly basis. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all weekly appointments are completed via Google Meet. These weekly appointments are for one hour, where the instructor reviews all core subject areas with the student. Each Independent Study instructor offers additional office hours during the week where students can receive additional academic support as needed. This school best serves students who are unable to attend school on a regular basis due to work, child care, or who have needs that can be better served in an individualized program. The teachers provide textbooks, materials, and assignments that are to be completed by the student and submitted by the next weekly appointment. Selma Independent Study School is accredited under WASC.

    It is the goal of Selma Independent Study School to meet the educational needs of our students. Our goal is to help our students by providing the assistance they need to either return to their comprehensive school site or continue to earn their diplomas at our alternative school. We want our students to be successful by earning and obtaining a high school diploma along with moving onto post-secondary education pathways of success. The mission of Selma Independent Study School is directly aligned under the goals of Heartland Alternative Education Center for teachers and students.