• California Teaching Fellows Federation


    Garfield After School Program Staff:


    Ms. Paj Lee - After School Program Coordinator

    Mr. Francisco Barranco - After School Program Assistant Coordinator / Second Grade Staff

    Ms. Elizabeth Buenrostro - First Grade Staff

    Ms. Chanae Garcia - Third Grade Staff

    Ms. Miranda Reid - Fourth Grade Staff

    Ms. Jenny Ramirez - Fifth Grade Staff

    Ms. Kaylee Contreras - Sixth Grade Staff


    After School Program Contact Information:

    Ms. Paj Lee

    email:  paj.lee@ctff.us


    Monday - Friday:  1:30 pm to 6:00 pm


    The Garfield After School Program (ASP) is multifaceted, focusing on the needs of the whole child.  In order to meet those needs, the components of the program include:  

    • A light afternoon snack
    • Physical education
    • Homework help
    • Academic Enrichment with a focus on research about the world around us
    • Academic Enrichment with a focus on mathematics through the ST Math Program
    • Academic Enrichment through creativity


    The After School Program hosts a series of student and family events throughout the year.  These include:

    • Family Fun Nights
    • Cookies and Cocoa
    • Thanksgiving Dinner
    • New Years Around the World / Balloon Drop Activity
    • Freeway Lanes and McDermont Field House Trips
    • Lights On:  A district-wide ASP event
    • Cultures from Around the World (Enrichment Activities)
    • Family Picnic
    • Career Day


    The Garfield ASP program is staffed and run by the California Teaching Fellows Federation (CTFF).   It is one of more than 200 ASPs that meet the academic and enrichment needs of approximately 30,000 students across the Central Valley.  CTFF provides its staff with ongoing training in instructional strategies and innovations while remaining focused on another feature that makes ASPs so important:  student safety. The ASP program provides a safe haven for students who may otherwise be bereft of adult supervision in the hours between the end of the school day and their parents’ return home from work.