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  • aeries Aeries Grade/Schedule Portal

    If you are unable to access your Aeries portal, or if you are new to the district, click on the "Forgot Password" link and enter your school email. You will be emailed instructions on resetting/accessing your account. 

  • Empower3000

    If you need to access Empower3000 outside of school you have two options. You can access it the same way you do at school using CLEVER, but you will need to be using Chrome as your browser and logged in to Chrome with your student account. Or you can log directly into Empower but will need to know your user name and password. This can be provided to you by your teacher or by requesting your account info.


Student Shortcuts

  • Attendance Counts

    Students: Remember this important information in regards to your attendance at school:

    • If you are absent due to illness or an appointment, please call the attendance line at (559) 898-6560. If your child has seen a doctor please request a note from the doctoand bring it to the attendance office when you return to school. Parents are required to
      clear absences within 48 hours of their occurence.

    • If you are marked absent, a dialer will go out to your parents notifying them of an absence. If you feel an error has been made, it is your responsibility to speak with your teacher in a respectful manner.

    • Parent notices of excessive absences will be mailed on a regular basis. The purpose of these letters is to notify parents of absences (letters are sent for every 3 days absent). Excessive absences are defined as 10 or more days (or 60 periods) per year.
      Excessive absences can lead to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) a panel which works to identify and resolve persistent student attendance problems. Additional information regarding SARB can be found on the California Department of Education
      website at

    • In addition to meeting the graduation requirements of Selma High School, seniors must have missed no more than 10 days per school year (60 periods) which is 40 days (240 periods) cumulative over their four year school career in order to participate in the commencement ceremony. Only school activities and/or absences verified by a note from a licensed medical provider will not count towards the total days missed. Students may make up a maximum of 30 school days (180 periods) per school year or a total of
      120 days (720 periods) over four years by successfully completing unassigned Saturday School sessions.
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