• To modernize and construct additional classrooms and support facilities, replace portable classrooms with new permanent facilities, increase student access to computers and modern classroom technology, improve security and student safety, provide the local match for State grants, and reduce operating costs, shall the Selma Unified School District be authorized to issue up to $30.8 million in bonds at legal interest rates, with an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee, annual audits, and no money for administrator salaries.

    The Bond Project List ("List") in the Measure describes the specific projects the District proposes to finance with proceeds from the sale of the bonds. The District may only use bond proceeds for the purposes specified in the Measure. The bond proceeds may not be used for any other purpose, including teacher or administrator salaries or other school operating expenses. Inclusion of a project on the List does not guarantee the project will be funded or completed.


  • Projects In Progress

    SHS Football Stadium*

    SHS Roof Replacement*

    SHS Softball Fields

    SHS Gym Floor Refinishing*

    SHS Model Furniture

    SHS Library*

    Garfield Roof*


    Washington Restroom Building

    Districtwide Paving

    Indianola Water Connection

    Eric White Modernization

    Indianola Modernization

    Roosevelt Modernization

    Jackson Modernization 


    Terry Modernization

    Washington Modernization

    Wilson Modernization

    ALMS Fencing*   

    SHS CTE Building/Shade Structure 



    * = Project has been completed.