• Staying active in your children's education.

    Keep track of your children's schedules, assignments, and grades by selecting your specific child's icon. Do you have more than one child in the district? Select Home and select your other children's icon to view their personal information.

    Information will vary based on your childs grade. If your child is in Middle School or High School, you can view the following:

    • Upcoming Assignments - View the upcoming assignments from all of your child's classes. See which teachers and which classes for the assignments.
    • Missing Assignments - View any assignment that your child missed. View the details of the assignment including the class and teacher information.
    • Classes - Check out your child's schedule, grades in each class, attendance for each class, and contact the teacher when necessary.
    • Attendance - Review your child's attendance record.

    If your child is at an Elementary you can view:

    • Attendance - Review your child's attendance record.

    We are working with the schools in our district to soon provide all the same features for every grade level.