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    Through our district's mobile app, parents, students, and community members will be able to view different school details available including photos, student information, sports, social network postings, and other news.


    Installing the app

    Use your mobile device to search and install Selma Unified School District's mobile application. Or use the links on this page.

    Supported mobile operating systems

    You must have the following OS systems on your mobile device before installing your school app.

    • iOS 8+
    • Android 5.0+


     SUSD mobile app

     Logging into the app

    1. Select the Login icon from the app.
    2. Type the Username and Password provided by the school.
    3. Select Login. You will see new icons that will have your name and the names of your children. Select their icons to see their grades, balances, assignments and other information.

    Set your alerts

    You can set your notification preferences immediately after logging in, or anytime through Settings.

    setting alerts on a mobile phone visual

    Turn on or off any push alerts including:

    • Missing assignments
    • Class grade drop
    • Low assignment score
    • Class grade updates
    • Assignment grades
    • Cafeteria balances
    • Library dues

See how in this video!

Download the Free Blackboard District App