• Eric White Elementary School is one of eleven schools in the Selma Unified School District. Through the years, Eric White has gone through many changes to meet the needs of our growing community. In over 60 years of service, additional buildings have been constructed, and the original buildings have gone through renovations. Our school currently consists of 14 buildings, a library, and a modernized cafeteria/multipurpose room and kitchen. This year, our school houses 566 students, 19 classroom teachers, 5 certificated support staff, 3 special education aides, 2 bilingual instructional aides, 1 secretary, 10 campus aides, 2 part-time clerks, 1 program manager assistant, 4 custodians, 6 cooks, 1 library technician, 1 Positive Behavior Intervention (PBI) Aide, 2 program managers, 1 part-time psychologist, 1 part-time teacher librarian, and a principal. Our school population consists of students in Transitional Kindergarten and 2nd through 6th grade.

    Over the years, thousands of students have been educated within the walls of Dr. G.W. Eric White School. Many distinguished citizens of Selma are Eric White alumni. We are proud to boast that many of our current staff members were former Eric White students themselves. The staff and students are proud of their school and its accomplishments and feel a tremendous honor to be a part of Eric White.

    The success of Eric White School has been made possible through the coordination of many programs at the site including: a focused and common core-based curriculum, a targeted reading intervention program, special education services, and a school-wide emphasis on reading, writing, mathematics, and technology. In addition, Eric White offers academic intervention in reading and math, English Language Development (ELD) for English Learner students, and a positive behavior intervention system called PBIS. There are additional co-curricular activities in which students can participate, such as History Day, Peach Blossom (oral interpretation), Leadership, Spelling Bee, Songfest, Talent Show, Art, and various sports tournaments. Extended learning opportunities are offered for students. An after-school program is offered and serves approximately 100 students.  Eric White School staff also offer ExL, an after-school intervention program for students needing additional support in reading and math. 

  • Special Recognition and Awards


    2016 Platinum PBIS Implementation Award

    2017 Platinum PBIS Implementation Award

    2017-2018  Bonner Center Award Recipient

    2017-18 PBIS Gold Level Award