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At Eric White Elementary we take pride in providing a high quality academic experience for all students.  Our staff is highly developed in planning for student needs through the analysis of data.  We maximize student learning through the implementation of a rigorous core instruction, intervention, and ELD. An afterschool program is offered for students that qualify. 
There is a feeling of security on campus and all students and staff have embraced the Tiger Traits:  Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Positive.  Students and staff proudly wear shirts that display the "Tiger Traits" that contribute to our school culture and make Eric White School a safe place to be.
The Eric White staff works to enrich students' education by encouraging each child to get involved in an array of extracurricular activities such as:  Sports, Peach Blossom, History Day, Leadership, Spelling Bee, Songfest, Band, and other programs. 
We invite parents and the community to form a partnership with the school to create an environment in which students can grow and learn to their maximum potential. It is our belief that children receive the best education in a school characterized by strong educational programs, exceptional personnel, commitment to goals, and informed and involved parents. All staff members at Eric White have a sincere concern for the needs of all children and enjoy our partnership with parents.  We look forward to your visit to our school site!
Sandra Aguilera