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Message from the Superintendent

Mark G. Sutton


Welcome to the 2014 – 2015 school year!  The Selma Unified School District continues to provide high quality instructional programs, as well as diverse co-curricular activities for students at every school site.  Our eleven school sites serve approximately 6,500 students in grades TK – 12.  We are looking forward to another exciting year of serving your students with our outstanding educational team.

The Selma Unified School District Board of Trustees developed a set of Core Values that drive our decision making as to what we do on a daily basis.  Those Core Values are:

  • We are a district that values academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular excellence.  All employees have a responsibility to work together to ensure high quality programs and services that lead to individual student success.

  • We are a district that values fiscal responsibility that focuses on the needs of students first.  We believe this is achieved through mutual accountability from everyone:  students, parents, community, and staff.  This must be accomplished in a safe environment based on mutual respect, caring, and compassion.

  • We are a district that values relationships built on fair, moral, and ethical behavior toward and from all students, parents, and employees.

  • We are a district that values diversity.  Our educational programs reflect and value the diversity of our community.  Programs and activities will be implemented to ensure that all students may maximize their academic and personal achievements.

  • We are a district that values professionalism that is characterized by commitment to student success and cooperation among all employees:  classified, certificated, and management.

  • We are a district that values self-improvement.  We recognize that our educational environment is changing rapidly and that student and employee success requires constant self-evaluation, improvement, and dedication.

In addition, goals are set annually for the school year that exemplify where we are headed as a district.  For any district to be successful, there must be a consistent and transparent umbrella of communication that exists between the schools, employees, students, parents, and community.  This year, we will continue to highlight the tremendous accomplishments of our students and schools on a regular basis here on the website, as well as through school newsletters and working with our local media partner, the Selma Enterprise.  We also want our community to know that Selma Unified strives to be a district that stresses three principles:  we want to be known as a district that has a Culture of Learning, a Culture of Teamwork, and a Culture of Security. 


With those thoughts in mind, the following goals are now in place for the upcoming school year:

  • Selma Unified School District will assure literacy through high quality initial instruction, support, and enrichment for all students.

  • Selma Unified School District will foster collaborative relationships between and among all students, staff, parents, and community.

  • Selma Unified School District will assure a safe and secure learning environment for all.

Let us know what other information would help you stay informed about the school district.  Above all, take advantage of every opportunity to become an active partner with us in teaching your child.  Together, let’s make 2014 – 15 an unforgettable year!




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