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Superintendents Message

We are already in our third month of the school year and students are hard at work. Please take some time to visit your child’s school. Whether they are in elementary school or a teenager, your child needs you to be connected to their school. Recently, I was reminded of a great book by Dr. Timothy Rasinski, The Fluent Reader. In this book, Dr. Rasinski discusses the importance of oral reading for students. His research concludes that oral reading is not just great for the reader, but also for the listener as it provides the opportunity for children to increase their word recognition, fluency, and comprehension. 

Taking the time to read to your children and to listen to them read to you is critical to the development of reading. It is also important to give your child an opportunity to respond to what they have just heard. It is in their response to what they have heard or read that your child can begin to demonstrate fully what they may learn from their listening and reading. 

I am consistently amazed at the wonderful events occurring each day in the classrooms throughout our district. However, I know that we can continue to do an even better job. Your voice is an essential part of our improvement efforts. As a member of our community, it is important that you hold our schools, staff, and students accountable for teaching and learning. Collectively, we can do great things!
Mark G. Sutton

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